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简单地说, Eastern Christian’s 年度基金 is the account that pays for unexpected or major expenses not covered by tuition. When spending is required for facilities updates or new equipment that helps improve and advance our school, the 年度基金 closes that gap between the true cost of an excellent Christ-centered education and the cost of tuition. When you give an unrestricted gift to the 年度基金, know that your donation is going to where it is needed most at EC.


The Eastern Christian School 捐赠基金 was established in 1960 to provide a permanent source of income for EC to help keep Christian education affordable for generations to come. 

When giving to the 捐赠基金, donors should understand that the actual amount of their gift will be retained to grow the principal balance of the fund, and the annual earnings from the full endowment are what is used to pay for operating expenses and tuition aid. This way, the 捐赠基金 can keep growing and giving in perpetuity.

Many endowment contributions over the years have been given in loving memory or in honor of a loved one, or as the result of someone’s dedication and commitment to Eastern Christian. These gifts continue to be a source of blessing to EC and help provide quality Christian education for all of our students today and in the future. 

Gifts to the 捐赠基金 are truly gifts that keep on giving. 给 a gift in memory or in honor of a loved one.


不时地, the Eastern Christian School Board of Directors approves the organization of a 资本运动 to finance major developments to better serve our students and families.  These significant initiatives have included new construction, major renovations to existing buildings, and meaningful upgrades to our three campuses.  

More important than what has been built, 然而, is the profound impact these capital projects have had on our students and graduates.  Due to the outpouring of prayers and financial support for more than 130 years, thousands of children have made Jesus Christ the most important person in their life, and they are loving the Lord their God with all their heart, 心, 灵魂与力量.  

Want to be a part of a 资本运动 or explore naming opportunities at EC? 

Please contact the EC Foundation Office at foundation@easternchristianschool.org 或致电973-427-9294.


多年来, Eastern Christian has been blessed with several scholarship funds created by passionate alumni, 父母, and friends of EC who believe in furthering the education and careers of our current students as well as for graduating seniors. 

Here is sample of some of our existing scholarships: 

  • 伊莉斯 Kathleen Gorter Endowed Scholarship Fund
    The 伊莉斯 Kathleen Gorter Endowed Scholarship Fund originated with a gift from Steve and Laura Gorter in 2004 in memory of their daughter, 伊莉斯, a student at Eastern Christian 中学, 她英年早逝. The purpose of the Fund is to grant scholarship aid to resilient and financially deserving students.  
  • 理查德J. 范德普拉特服务奖
    1990年,理查德. 范德普拉特服务奖 was established by the 范德Plaat family to honor Richard, a long time supporter of Christian education and Eastern Christian School. Multiple students are selected each year who have given of their talents to serve Christ in this community after the example of 理查德J. 范德Plaat. Recipients are chosen based on the students’ commitment to service and financial need.
  • 天使基金
    可悲的是, nearly every year an Eastern Christian student, 或兄弟姐妹, must endure the hardship and grief of a parent’s death due to illness, 受伤或意外. In order to keep our community whole, 展示同情心, 防止额外的动荡, the Angel Fund was created in 2005 to provide tuition assistance for grieving families during their greatest time of need.

If you would like to help support the Angel Fund or wish to establish a scholarship in honor or in memory of a loved one, please contact the EC Foundation office at 973-427-9294 or by email to foundation@jsmw993.com.

The quality Christian education EC offers is only made possible by the incredible generosity of the extended community of believers and businesses that partner with Eastern Christian School.

是否在网上捐款, 参加筹款活动, 成为商业赞助商, 包括在遗嘱中加入EC, or contributing in another method, community members like you are changing lives and having an eternal impact!

Eastern Christian School is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with tax identification number (EIN) 26-4337254.

Foundation Office | 973-427-9294 | foundation@jsmw993.com